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Plano AC Repair Services

Your Local Air Conditioner Repair Specialists in Plano, Texas

On the Spot is one of the best, top-rated AC Repair Companies in Plano, TX. Our air conditioning Repair Technicians are licensed and insured and provide flat rate pricing on all ac repairs before the job is started, so there are no surprises.
The last thing you want to worry about is whether your air conditioning system is going to work. If your air conditioning system needs repairs, count on our certified and licensed technicians to thoroughly inspect the system, explain the problem, and provide you with affordable solutions.

On the Spot Air Conditioning technicians can recharge an air conditioning unit, de-ice it, or complete general repairs. Our years of experience mean that we can get your Plano AC repair job completed with minimal fuss – all on the same day.

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Cooling System Services

On the Spot Air Conditioning technicians can recharge an air conditioning unit, de-ice it, or complete general repairs. Our years of experience mean that we can get your Plano AC repair job completed with minimal fuss – all on the same day.

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On the Spot - Reliable Service in Plano

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Another thing that sets us apart from the competition is our affordable prices. Our air conditioner repair services can easily fit into any budget. High prices do not have to prevent you from getting the air conditioning services you need to keep your home comfortable in blazing hot summer. Many people are shocked when they hear the reasonable and affordable prices of our services. Call us today for a free price quote on having any part of your cooling system repaired. You’ll be very glad you did.

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On the Spot - Reliable Service in Plano

Warning Signs Of Developing Air Conditioning Problems

Your cooling system often displays telltale signs that indicate problems developing that can lead to operational issues. They include banging or rattling noises, strange smells, leaking water, uneven cooling, and unusually high energy bills. If you see any of these signs, you should contact us right away. We will come in and inspect your AC system, identify the source of the problem, and quickly and affordably take care of it. Loud noises are often caused by loose or broken parts in the motor or blower assembly, and unusual smells can signal an electrical problem. These issues can be dangerous if they are not taken care of quickly and properly.

Frequently Asked Questions About AC Repair

Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling the House?

This could be due to the air condenser being clogged or just plain dirty, or the filter itself has too much buildup of dirt not allowing airflow to move freely. If this is not the case for your air conditioning unit, there could be an issue with either the refrigerant or compressor. If this is the case, this is not something you will be able to repair on your own.
One important thing to remember if the system is not cooling properly and you’re certain the system is not blocked by dirt: turn it off and call us! You could be doing further damage the system if you leave it on or you might find the repairs take longer than expected due to things like a buildup of ice on the system.

My Air Conditioner Seems To Be Leaking – Can This Be Fixed?

If the leaks are not very large, it is possible, but if there are multiple leaks or the leak is substantial, this may mean your refrigerant coil needs to be replaced.

Should I Repair or Replace my Air Conditioner?

This mostly depends on the age of your AC unit, or the cost of the repair as compared to the cost of a new air conditioner.
If the air conditioner is old, it could be nearing the end of its life and therefore any repair may be compounded with a future repair of a different issue with the unit. At this point, a replacement is recommended. Further to this, newer systems have better energy efficiency which can save money over time as compared to doing repairs as needed.

Fast, Efficient, Effective Cooling Service, Serving Plano TX

Our technicians know Plano well and can usually get to your home in a matter of minutes. Their advanced training and years of experience enables them to quickly identify and address any type of air conditioning problem you are having in your home. Our technicians have vehicles that are fully stocked with all the tools and replacement parts necessary to address almost any problem you are having with your air conditioner to get it repaired on site. With one call, we can have a technician at your home in a flash ready and able to get your cooling system working properly.