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Furnace Repair Services In Frisco 

Need Furnace Repair in Frisco TX? 

When you need heater repair, furnace repair, heating system repairs or more, On the Spot is THE professional, licensed heating repair company in Frisco. Regardless of whether a furnace burns oil, gas, or is electric, it will age and wear. At some point in its lifetime, a furnace will require furnace repair or replacement. Even if you don’t use your furnace for many months out of the year, even a mild winter can be dangerous if temperatures drop below the 40s. Furnaces need to be in proper working condition in order to keep Texas residents safe.  

Our heating technicians are skilled and knowledgeable with furnace repair and installation. Whether your heater needs a minor fix, is old and needs replacement, or requires regular maintenance, On the Spot HVAC has the solution for you. We want to be your Frisco heating company for all your HVAC needs. Give us a call today and find out why our customers call us the best heater repair company in the DFW area!

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On the Spot - Reliable Service in Frisco

When Does a Frisco Furnace Require Repair or Service?

If you are experiencing any of the following, you may need to have a professional evaluate and fix problems:

  • No heat in one or more locations
  • Detection of a funny smell/gas odor
  • Pilot light is out
  • The furnace is making odd noises 
  • You have an old gas furnace without a vent damper
  • The system cycles on and off rapidly
  • Circuit breaker/fuse is blown
  • Blower fan continues to run
  • You have an old gas furnace with a pilot light 
  • The Furnace Runs Constantly

Sometimes it’s more cost-efficient to replace a unit rather than repair one. Our friendly and highly trained technicians can help you determine the right choice for your situation. We only use the best brands and most efficient products. Our team can help you choose the right furnace / heating system as well as offer an annual maintenance program to keep it running at its highest efficiency.

Specializing in Frisco Furnace Repair

We also offer the Service Plan! With our Service Plan, you’ll get annual maintenance on your home’s air conditioning and heating system for one low price. Additionally, you’ll get preferred scheduling and discounted pricing.

Our Furnace Services:

  • Furnace Replacement & Installation
  • Furnace Repair
  • Furnace Tune-Up
  • Indoor Air Quality
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On the Spot - Reliable Service in Frisco TX

Is Your Furnace Broken?

We advise our customers to use our checklist to ensure the HVAC or furnace malfunctioned before contacting our office. An oversight or human error is mistaken for a malfunction. These common mistakes we encountered are avoidable just by learning what to do. This helps us focus on furnaces with serious issues and frees customers up from calling and spending unnecessary money on repairs.  

  • The thermostat is on COOL when it should be on HEAT and vice versa. It's easy to forget when the season changes, so just set the thermostat to the right button. 
  • The furnace switch is OFF. The off switch is a safety feature disconnecting the heating system power. Because the switch is on the side, a homeowner may have turned it off without turning it on again, OR the switch turned off by accident. Also, check the circuit breaker in the breaker panel to ensure it is on.
  • The furnace vents are causing airflow restriction. Garbage, soil, debris, snow buildup, and rodent infestation may cause airflow restriction. Determine the cause and clean it up. Call an exterminator if it is a rodent infestation.
  • Your filter is dirty. Customers can change a dirty air filter themselves by following the product instructions for their unit. Change it every three months.
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