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Plano Heating System Maintenance

Furnace Tune-Up Plano, TX

On the Spot’s Furnace Service or Furnace Maintenance can save you from the discomfort and expense of equipment breakdown. When your furnace breaks down, you’re not only facing a chilly winter night without heat, you’re also risking the health and safety of your family without even knowing it. Incomplete combustion in gas heating systems can produce dangerous gasses, including tasteless, odorless carbon monoxide. A crack in a heat exchanger can set harmful gasses circulating throughout your home — causing health problems for your family (a worst-case scenario includes asphyxiation).
The best way to avoid costly or dangerous damages is to maintain a regular, consistent heating tune-up. Making sure you have a professional technician looking at your HVAC equipment will ensure that potentially-harmful or expensive repairs are caught before they become an issue. On the Spot HVAC is dedicated to helping you get the best out of your HVAC unit in Plano. Call us today and find out why we’re known as the best heating tune-up company in the DFW area!

Our experienced and licensed technicians can give your home heating system a precision tune-up that includes:

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Bi-Annual Furnace Maintenance Service Plan!

Rather than paying for each tune-up throughout the year, join our Service Plan. When you become a member of our Service Plan, we will take care of all your tune-ups throughout the year on all heating and air conditioning systems.
Our Furnace Services:

On the Spot - Reliable Service in Plano

The Benefits Of A Furnace Tune-up

A furnace tune-up cleans the heating and air system of your home, permitting it to work at its peak ability. It simultaneously investigates your equipment’s safety for damaged or defective parts, which can pose possible threats. There are numerous advantages of staying proactive and up-to-date as a homeowner that will instantly save you money with a capable operating system, as well as long-term benefits by increasing the life of your climate control appliances.


Dirt and dust buildup is the most common cause of system breakdown, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency EPA. Such an occurrence, apart from being fatal, also damages the air quality your family breathes daily. Blocked or dirty filters and filtering systems can cause toxic carbon monoxide to back up in your equipment.


Exposing carbon monoxide (CO) to your household is the most dangerous risk your furnace can pose. Carbon monoxide is a tasteless, poisonous, odorless, and colorless gas caused by the partial burning of natural gas combined with any other material that contains carbon. Irregularly maintained systems are fundamentally time bombs ticking right down the hall in which you sleep. Contact a professional service technician immediately to detect poor combustion devices containing metal fatigue, holes, or cracks.


An improperly tuned system will eventually use additional energy to provide the same climate control level in your house. You will receive inflated power bills if your equipment has to work twice as hard. Disregarding your home system can drastically truncate your appliance’s life span, forcing you to spend a handsome sum on replacing it.


Quite a several homeowners try a DIY (do it yourself) checkup. This might seem like an intelligent decision for families living on a modest budget. It takes less than an hour for a certified technician to complete the job. This might prompt you to think that you can handle this task by yourself or feeling ambitious to test your handy skills.
For valid and safety reasons, the only procedure on the list recommended for owners is replacing standard filters. Certified professionals have gone through rigorous training, extensive education, and experience beyond the reach of DIY projects. Additionally, considering the amount of money you will conserve on power bills with a running system, the annual professional service is priced reasonably. Most significantly, a flawed system is a dangerous machinery. It is nice to be conservative with finances but never be mistaken. Most of the time, it is not worth the risk of your family’s safety, comfort, and livelihood.
With a tune-up to their existing home heating system and a yearly cleaning of the air ducts, homeowners can be prepared for the colder weather. Also, the efforts to slash the high costs of keeping their home comfortable by heating it reduces their utility bills to a minimum. With the assistance of a professional service provider, homeowners who are on the lookout to keep their expenses while having the heat they need are having a comprehensive air cooling and heating cleaning annually. Homeowners can conserve money on their monthly home heating expenditures by having the air ducts cleared of dust and other particle buildups.
The elementary service is inclusive of the following steps.

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