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Heritage Farmstead Museum, Plano, TX

Heritage Farmstead Museum in Plano, TX is a unique and wonderful place to visit. Located on a 19th-century homestead, the Museum offers exciting opportunities to explore and learn about the history of this area. From interactive exhibits to educational programs, to delightful outings and more, the Museum has something for everyone. The main attractions at the Heritage Farmstead Museum are the preserved farmhouse, gardens, and barns. These structures were painstakingly restored and provided a wonderful glimpse into the past. Visitors can take a self-guided tour, exploring the four rooms of the house as well as the barns, as well as reading about the history of the family that once lived here. Learn information about Plano, TX.

On select days, visitors can experience firsthand what it was like to live on the farmstead. With weekly Volunteer Village tours, visitors can explore the various buildings and get a chance to interact with the resident interpreters. These guides dress in period clothing and share stories about the family and the life they once led. It’s a fun and engaging way to learn about Plano’s past. In addition to the farmhouse and barns, the Heritage Farmstead Museum also houses a variety of interactive exhibits. Museum-goers can engage in historical activities such as making cream butter with tools from the era, learning about blacksmithing, or seeing a corn grinder in action. It’s a great way to get hands-on with history and understand the grinding work that was once a staple of life on the farm. The Museum doesn’t just focus on the past though. The popular “F.A.R.M.S.” program is dedicated to teaching children about sustainable farming and encouraging them to become actively involved in the preservation of their local environment. Through the program, children are introduced to the farm animals, the gardens, and the farm landscape, while learning the importance of food production. Discover facts about WhirlyBall/LaserWhirld of Plano, Plano, TX.