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The Attraction of WhirlyBall/LaserWhirld of Plano in Plano, Texas

For a night of ultimate fun and excitement, the Attraction of WhirlyBall/LaserWhirld of Plano in Plano, Texas, is the perfect place. With its exciting combination of WhirlyBall and LaserTag, you’ll have a thrilling time and be left wanting more. Learn information about Plano, TX.

WhirlyBall is an intense team sport created in the 1950s. It utilizes a hand-held scoop, which is used to hit a small, plastic, rubber-coated ball against a backboard in the center of the playing court. The goal is to score points by shooting the ball into your team’s goal. Each team consists of five players, and the goal of getting the most points in a five-minute match is the thrill of this game. The two teams use their scoops to pass and shoot the ball while trying to tackle and intercept the ball from their opponents. With the excitement of a new physical challenge, a fun game of WhirlyBall is instantly added to your night of fun. In the dark, make way for the thrilling fun of LaserTag. Players use guns with infrared light beams attached to their helmets to shoot each other’s targets for an ultimate sci-fi showdown. The intensity of the game will have you constantly strategizing your move, shooting your target, and dodging beam attacks from the other team. LaserTag is a fast-paced, competitive game as you try to rack up points to win the game. Discover facts about The Beauty of Preston Meadow Park in Plano, Texas.